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“A last minute wild camp on the weekend in St David’s led us to Rhosson Camping. Whilst the other half usually does all he can not to pay a penny to camp anywhere, we paid the grand total of £4 each to stay on a fabulous ‘traditional camping’ site, just 200 metres from the Pembrokeshire coastal path. “

“There are toilets. A tap, somewhere to empty waste and some showers, which were very open and cold, but what do you expect for the price?! The kids set up a slip slide on the hill, the dogs were welcome and we enjoyed million dollar views for the price of a couple of pints.”

“During our stay, we walked down to the lifeboat station and saw the voyages of discovery boat trips going, so decided to go on a boat trip. We’ve been before, but it was a first for our friends. As we were camping as Rhosson, we had a 10% discount on the boat trips so it’s worth mentioning to them where you’re staying.”

“What a trip!!! Over 100 dolphins surrounding the boat Absolute heaven!!! Can totally recommend both the site and boat trip.”



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